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Product Design: AWeber's Etsy App

The concept of this product is simple.

Make it easy for Etsy users to include products in their emails.

After all, the decisions we made while building AWeber's message editor (see Designing AWeber's Email Theme Language) were specifically made with this type of iterative design in mind.

Objectives & Goals

  • The ability to add a product to an email with minimal amount of effort.
  • Enable AWeber customers to leverage already existing content from their Etsy account.
  • Allow people who purchase a product the option to subscribe to someones email list.
  • Gain exposure to the Etsy crowd by creating an AWeber app.

Evaluating Success

  • Feature adoption by AWeber users who sell products on Etsy.

Establishing A Connection

AWeber meet Etsy

In order for AWeber and another service to communicate with each other we need to use a third party authentication system called OAuth.

The handshake goes something like this...

Users can enable the Etsy app through the AWeber App Showcase.

When clicking the "Enable" button the user will be directed to Etsy as part of an authorization process.

Arriving on Etsy's website, the user is then prompted to type in their email and password.

Next, they are asked to provide permission for our app to access their Etsy information.

Key Features

Strengthening Customers' Email Lists

One of the benefits of using this Etsy app is that it allows our customers to ask the people to subscribe to their email list after purchasing a product on Etsy.

Using casual language makes this feature easy to set up:

"When someone make a purchase, add them to: "

Drag and drop products directly into emails

I knew this feature would make customers happy.

Let's look at the wireframe explaining how it works:

Releasing The App

As the feature was released our marketing team put together a blog post introducing the feature.

They also put together this video promoting the app:

Customer Responses were awesome

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