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Lessen The Learning Curve

A solid first impression is everything especially, when setting expectations for a new tool.

By providing a more intuitive starting point for each section of our service I've managed to lessen the learning curve for new users.

The Team

Bob Ricca Bob Ricca

Objectives & Goals

  • Aid users in discovering new features within AWeber.
  • Provide a design specifically for new users that provides context as well as a clear call to action.
  • Leverage imagery from our feature pages for a cohesive experience.

Evaluating Success

  • Before these designs were released Jessica Ivins and I did some quick usability testing.

The Motivation For This Project

Being Too Close To Your Product

I've been working at AWeber for almost 5+ years now. This feels like an eternity in the tech industry.

Lately I've been working to address customer retention, improving the experience for new users.

Like any application development environment we tend to work in virtual environments. Virtual environments provide us with a production like atmosphere that we can experiment with, test our changes, then push our changes live to our customers. It's a great way to work, however, our production environments come with a few disadvantages.

One disadvantage is that the data in our testing accounts isn't real because we aren't actually using our own tool. Often times we will test something thoroughly using the data that we have in our virtual environment only to push it to one of our staging servers where we find out there is an edge case scenario we couldn't replicate in a non production environment.

Another disadvantage is that you forget what it's like to start from the beginning. My work environment is full of data as if I was an already established email marketer which is something you start to become numb to. But imagine how different that dashboard would look for a user setting up their first subscriber list.

Setting Up A New Account... Again.

I wanted to get the new customer experience exactly as everyone else encounters it.

Allow me to show each page I encountered followed by how I redesigned it.

A Design Specifically For First Time Users

I created a new "blank slate" design for each of the pages in our control panel.

For example, if we knew our customer hadn't sent any emails yet, when visiting the Broadcasts page they would see a "blank slate" design coaxing them to create their first message.

Using Imagery That Users Can Identify With

One of the things I tried to incorporate into this project was the imagery we created for our features pages.

I realize that this wouldn't be the case every time but the hope was that after reading about our features a customer would open an account and then recognize the features they just read about inside the application.

Here is a screenshot of one of our features pages:

Diving Into Each Page's Redesign

Getting Started Information

When logging into your new account you are presented with some Getting Started guides.



Broadcasts Page

Broadcast messages are one of the main features of AWeber. A broadcast is a one time email newsletter sent by customers to their subscribers.

As it stood, from a new user's perspective this page wasn't ideal.



Follow Ups Page

Follow Up message (a.k.a. autoresponders) are automated emails sent out in a timed series.



Sign Up Forms

Sign up forms are a tool used by our customers to gather subscribers.




Our subscribers page is where you manage the people on your email list.



Key Takeaways

  • Getting out of your everyday environment is beneficial for everyone.
  • Redesign pages to be simplistic and focus on a primary action.
  • Sometimes you can make a big impact by revisiting the basics.

This project was quick to comp, took minimum (if any) development resources to implement, and had a huge impact on new customers!

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