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Design Show And Tell

As I'm putting together my new portfolio website I also am clearing out a bunch of old files on my server.

So I figured why not showcase some of the things I've created over the last 3 - 5 years.

Carr & Duff Website & Truck Rental Request - created 2010

This is a website I designed and coded for Carr & Duff, one of the largest electrical contractors on the east coast.

The site is still online although it hasn't been updated much since it's initial launch.

I helped them put a truck rental platform which proved to be successful. It cut down on transactional communications by getting potential renters to provide all the information needed up front. It also led to them selling one of their rental units (making them a lot of money).

GFit WordPress Website - created 2011

This was a website I did that has since been replaced with a new design.

Bucks County GI Website - created 2011

GASTROENTEROLOGISTS... say that three times fast.

I did this website for my mom's employer. I took that picture of their building with all the insanely pink flowers.

Shhh... don't tell them I used the same background as the GFit site from above. :) This site is still up and running.

Rancocas Anesthesiology Employee Portal - created 2010

This is an application I put together for my mom's previous employer.

Rancocas Anesthesiology is a company that staffs anesthesiologist at 4 - 5 different Philadelphia / New Jersey hospital locations.

The system they were using to manage each schedule was as much cryptic as it was tedious.

This system helped alleviate a lot of the leg work by automatically faxing schedule updates to the effected locations as well as notifying the appropriate employees.

After spending months working with a contact from the organization, from my understanding, they were never able to get full employee adoption of the application. :( Fortunately we still got paid.

Let It Snow Email Template & Graphic

This entire graphic was created with Photoshop shapes and layer styles a.k.a. there were 0 snowmen harmed in the making of this graphic.

This graphic was used for a holiday email template in AWeber.

AWeber Holiday Poster 2010

Why not end this post on another holiday note?

This was the poster that I created for AWeber's 2010 holiday party. A good time was had by all at Las Margaritas.

Again, I'm not a fan of using stock images for anything, this entire thing was made with Photoshop shapes and layer styles.

Want to see other projects I've worked on?