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Redesign: In Law We Trust

I've been doing work for John DeGirolamo (In Law We Trust) for a while now.

He originally approached me with a WIX built website and asked me why no matter what he seemed to do he wasn't being indexed by search engines.

After digging through the site code, I'd determined that the WIX site builder was building a one page application and passing the site content into the page via JSON request.

Based on the budget allotted at the time we decided to reimplement the site in an SEO friendly way and start tracking the sites performance via Google Analytics.

As time progressed, John and I developed a relationship working together it led to us eventually redesigning his site from the ground up.

I did much of the requirements gathering and responsive implementation while my wife handled the visual design.

In the end, John was extremely happy with the end result and we still maintain an awesome relationship.

The New Design

And of course, the design is coded responsively and have been tested on a variety of mobile and tablet devices.

The Old Design

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