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Motives, emotion, goals, & expectations are at the core of every experience.

MEGE Analysis
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Motives, emotions, goals, and expectations are at the core of every customer experience. Meeting these needs is a sure fire way to create a positive experience. Exceeding those needs leads to creating something remarkable.

Lately I've been working on a series of iterative projects aimed at improving a customer's first impression of AWeber. The ultimate hope is that through education and guidance customers will set up their accounts more thoroughly, gain more momentum, and therefore be happier with their purchase of our service. Not only do customers see the benefit of using email marketing for their business but they become invested. They want to help us build a better product.

Up to this point we've conducted numerous interviews diving into what it means to "set up" your account. We've worked hard to expose what our customers' perceive as end goals combined with the actions they have actually taken to complete them. We then isolate this information into essential steps, best practices, and motivators based on the customers desired outcome. A very literal approach.

So what about the not so literal?

The Undertones Of Experience

Within each interview we conduct, we've found there are undertones that influence a customers perception of our brand.


What events led them to where they are today?
What are they hoping to gain out of using your software?
Who are they aspiring to be?
How do they want to be seen in the eye of the public?
How can we fuel these motives to keep customers moving forward?


What is their level of confidence in your software?
What is their level of confidence in themselves?
What other emotional ventures are wrapped into the decision to purchase your software?

"It's a new day and I'm excited to learn everything your software has to offer!"

We've found that a lot of customers pursue email marketing as part of a broader set of goals. Not only are they investing in our software, they are investing the commitment to better market their business.

Just like any major purchase in life, buyers actively seek to validate their purchasing decision. How as designers can we boost their confidence, reassure their commitments, and keep them engaged with that same vigor they had from day one?

Goals / Expectations

What did they set out to complete today?
Where do they hope to be in the not-so-distant future?
What did they expect to accomplish today?

Using a product has a lot of similarities to playing a game. The rush of winning is a powerful emotion that fuels motivation to play again. Everybody likes being good at something. A customers perceived success has a direct impact on how they feel about your product.

The Key Ingredient: The Unexpected

Do the unexpected. Go the extra mile.

Now that we've outlined the core concepts behind what drives an experience the real question is:

How can I go one step further and exceed a customers expectations.

If I can excel in any one or more of the core concepts above then I'm on my way to creating a memorable, remarkable experience.

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