Hi, I'm Bob RiccaDirector of Product Design at ThreatQuotient.

UX mentor at DesignLab, ex-adjunct at Philadelphia University, ex-UX at AWeber.


UX / Product Design Leadership

Over the years, I've been really fortunate to have worked on some really awesome things with some really talented people.

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Nov 11, 2013

Design Mentorship

I love the UX community and have helped more than 100 designers navigate their careers or develop critical skills.

I appreciate your candor and openness, and I find our conversations productive and energizing. Thank you!


I felt like we really made the most of our session and Bob was great to bounce ideas off. He also helped me to focus on the essentials of the brief, and not get carried away (which I tend to do!)


Bob has been a wealth of knowledge in terms of experience and growth. He's seen a bit of everything and is full of ideas. I don't want someone to tell me exactly how to do something, I want ideas on how to proceed.


Bob has been good at giving constructive comments in a timely fashion. The feedback he gives encourages me to take my design work to another level.


We've had some great mentoring sessions. I felt encouraged to ask him things about process, specific project ideas, and career growth. He also sent me tons of resources while we chatted, which have been awesome.