Hi, I'm Bob Ricca.Director of Product Design at ThreatQuotient.

UX mentor at DesignLab, ex-adjunct at Philadelphia University, ex-UX at AWeber.


Monthly Archives: December 2018

3 Amigos: a foolproof exercise for more thought out designs — a UX case study

Case Study Product Design UX

Building products fascinates me. Everything about it: Validating that you’re solving the right problems Defining the “what” and “how” Working in the trenches with an engineering team The thousands of micro-decisions And most importantly… Seeing someone get value out of something you’ve poured your heart into There are few things like it. Working in an […]

North Star: Revisiting Guiding Principles In Product Design

Product Design

Recently I came across a document I created years ago. From a retrospective point of view, I thought it was worth sharing. • • • The Year is 2014 I just accepted my first remote role working at ThreatQuotient. It was an exciting time for the company. Ryan and Wayne, the two founders, had received […]