Adventures in Product Design

The work of Bob Ricca


About Me

Hi, I’m Bob!

I’ve been doing product design for a little over 10 years now. I love it.

My current role is Head of Product Design at ThreatQuotient.

Over the years I’ve held a handful of roles:

  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • etc.

Generally, I’m interested in being close to where the critical product decisions are being made.

Here are some professional accomplishments…

  • I’ve helped establish UX / Design practices at multiple companies.
  • I have experience transitioning teams from the “wild west” to refined engineering and design processes. I personally find this type of work very rewarding.
  • I’ve been Product Owner for 3 scrum teams simultaneously, while also being the only designer at the company. Can I do it? Yes. Do I recommend it? Not at all. I was happy when we were able to build a team 🙂
  • I was an early hire at ThreatQuotient (5th employee). It’s been an interesting ride and I’ve learned a ton. We started the year with close to 85 employees and and a Series C (30MM) in the bank.
  • I’ve taught two graduate level classes at Philadelphia University (Digital Experience Design and Intro To Web Design) and I recently became a UX mentor for DesignLab.
  • I take pride in my abilities to define, communicate, and execute on a plan with a team.
  • I’ve been described as “unbreakable” when conducting user research with challenging participants. If we ever have a chance to talk, mention this and I’ll tell some stories.
  • I’ve worked with teams to implement solutions to some very complex design problems against very aggressive deadlines. I can also share some crazy stories about this one.

About my personal life

  • Family is very important to me. Being a remote employee, I get to spend more time with my wife and kids every day. Death to long commutes.
  • I definitely value experiences in life over material objects. We love to travel.
  • I used to skateboard all the time, now I like to drop in on a ramp every year to validate that I’m not too old.
  • Snowboarding replaced skateboarding. We’ve been trying to get our boys to tolerate the mountain although they are still young. We use bribery (gummy bears) to keep them interested in the mountain.
  • It’s not uncommon during the summer for us to drop everything and head to the beach (about an hour drive).
  • I can speak some german. My wife is from Germany and I’ve taken multiple classes. There have been times where I’ve worked remotely from Germany and held east coast hours. Another reason that working remotely has ruined offices for me.
  • I think boston terriers are the best.