Hi, I'm Bob Ricca.Head of Product Design at ThreatQuotient.

UX mentor at DesignLab, ex-adjunct at Philadelphia University, ex-UX at AWeber.


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Roles and Expecations

Case Study Design Leadership

Recently I encountered a scenario between two frustrated colleagues. In one corner, I have my boss — who runs all of engineering. He is super intelligent, he’s taught me a ton, and I have nothing but respect for him. For the sake of this article, we’ll call him Jim. In the other corner— I have […]

Stop Being Clever – A UX Case Study

Case Study UX

Recently I subscribed to a Slack group called “Today’s Question”. Every morning in this group, a new question is posted for Product Managers and UX Designers from all over the world to answer. The questions are open ended and all over the map: Beyond the theory, how have you taught “story” splitting in a way […]

3 Amigos: a foolproof exercise for more thought out designs — a UX case study

Case Study Product Design UX

Building products fascinates me. Everything about it: Validating that you’re solving the right problems Defining the “what” and “how” Working in the trenches with an engineering team The thousands of micro-decisions And most importantly… Seeing someone get value out of something you’ve poured your heart into There are few things like it. Working in an […]