Building A Better Editor – A case study in how to present UX Work

Last week, I stumbled across a video of a presentation I had recorded back in 2014. In the presentation, it highlighted some UX enhancements our team made to drag and drop email editor.

In retrospect, one of the things that made the presentation particularly successful was how it was structured. It brought the viewer along for the journey through the act of storytelling.

Using stories to captivate your audience

There are two simple story arches I tend to follow when presenting, which honestly, could be applied to any presentation (UX related or not).

The first story arch is to set expectations and get buy in for the future:

  • This is where we are
  • This is where we want to be
  • This is how we get there (and what we need to be successful)

The second story arch is to build trust in your ability to deliver results:

  • This is where we were
  • This is what we learned
  • This is how we improved

If you’re going for bonus points, demonstrate your points by tastefully sprinkling in clips of customers using your software. When done properly, it makes for an even more engaging and persuasive presentation.

The presentation below follows story arch #2: